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Below are a few feedback messages from our members and guests.
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Salim Sakir - MT Word Forum
Hi, I was just wondering it would be very useful if there was a forum to discuss word doubts for MTs stuck with any difficult word, where other users can help out that person.  I tried to look for such a post but could not find...

dr.rubina khan - query
dear sir/madam                  i have applied for registeration as a medical transcriptionist,do i need any certificate for the same. ...

sravan kumar - your website/transcription

Debbie Loyer - backwards
I sent an email earlier about putting page numbers on and I just thought of another thing I don't like.  Why are the codes in reverse order?  Page 1 has the codes starting with the highest numbers and page 85 has the codes...

Debbie Loyer - page numbers
Very informative site.  The only bad thing I can say is you never know what page you're on.  Every time you click on a link for a page, it turns purple.  There is no way to know what page you are on and then you have to...

Donald Nitkin, DDS, MS - Where to find CDM codes
I am looking for a compilation of CDM hospital billing codes ...

Agnes - Enhancements to MT Course
Hi. I'm planning to enroll in an on-line medical transcription course. I'm glad to learn of this free on-line MT course. Would you please include the following in your free training? * FTP training program and how to use for secure file...

Atul - Medical Lectures
Hi Sir, I found only some of medical specialites lectures on ur site is its sufficient for us or more we want like orthopedics and psychiatry etc. If u have plz confirm me. Thanks, Atul ...

Shilpa - Really great site
Its really great site.  I wanted to learn more about medical transcription.  I am looking forward for more things to come on this site.  Its really great in gaining knowledge about medical transcription.  Can I know...

shankar krishnan - upgrade
I am really thankfull that such an site is available for medical transcriptionist with ambition to reach higher. I have been already benifited to a certain extent at this point. I would still be more enlightened if some samples are...

Kalyan - Really helpful site
Really this site is very helpful for the field of MT. ...

Ron May - eLearn Samples
Hi, Could you post some more samples for medical transcription documents? I would like to see more items on eLearn. There is hardly any free stuff for new medical transcriptionists like me. I would really appreciate if you could add...

Sanjana - Free samples for medical transcription
Hi, Your free samples of transcription documents were very helpful to me as a newbie. I wish you had used real voices instead of text-to-speech but none the less, it was helpful to me. I look forward to more of such free stuff on your...

Sudesh - A nice addition to the medical transcription field
Hi, I have surfed through several sites dedicated to medical transcription, however I find your site very fast and easy to navigate and very clean too. All information provided here is very useful and I thank you for that. I have...

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