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Skills Required

So what all skills does one need to be a medical transcriptionist? Let me explain you in brief.


  • English speaking skills: The most important requirement of transcription is to have good English communication skills with excellent command over English and vocabulary. This is a very significant aspect if you wish to be denoted as one of the best Medical transcriptionist (herein referred as MT.)
  • English Grammar: If you are well versed with your school grammar and employ that in your daily routine, then much of your problem is solved. You can get any book on American English Grammar and evaluate yourself on the grammar front though the fine aspects and grammar guidelines used in MT will be taught by us.
  • Computer skills: Knowing basics about computer use and having knowledge about computer software like Ms Word or WordPerfect will be a tremendous help. As many of us these days are glued to the computer, this should ideally not be a problem at all.
  • Keyboarding skills: This is the key for becoming a fast and accurate transcriptionist. A good transcriptionist should ideally have a typing speed of 60 to 80 words per minute. So try and evaluate your typing speed on the computer and keep on aiming higher and higher. One should make a routine of practicing 2 hours each day till the desired speed is reached. You can download a host of free typing softwares from the internet and practice hard till you reach the target and slowly and steadily you will beat the target with a span of few weeks.
  • Medical knowledge: That’s the most difficult aspect of transcription. Hey, but do not lose heart. With practice and reading you will start recognizing medical words, slangs and English phrases. The more you practice live dictations the better refined you become. So read the medical material carefully from our section and keep on practicing with voice files.
  • Practicing Voice Transcription: Finally after having a good typing speed, knowledge about fine details on grammar usage and proficiency in medical terminology, you are ready to practice the actual live dictation. This is what that will make you a better transcriptionist. Transcribe files daily and you will see the improvement that you make in yourself at every stage.

Main Page  Skills Required  Medical Lectures  English Usage

  Grammar Guidelines  Diagnostic Tests  Sample Reports  Transcription resources & indexes

  Download Line Count Software

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