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Immediate Office Inc.
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Immediate Office Inc.
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Needham MA 02492
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ImmediateOffice Inc. is an international company dedicated to providing back-office operations for any medical group. We can ease the burden on physician groups or hospitals by doing their transcription work so that they can concentrate their energies and resources on their core competencies.

We are dedicated to providing this service at a high level of quality in a cost efficient manner. The quality comes from a staff with the best education and experience in the industry in their field of work. The efficiency comes from utilizing their skills with as much automation as possible.

The service provided by ImmediateOffice also is "Immediate" in the sense that it scales to the level of service required without the client company having to add to or reduce its staff in response to fluctuating volume. All sorts of overhead such as hiring, releasing, HR administration, space, equipment and facility expenses are minimized. The client company can operate on a tight budget and conserve precious cash for their main operations. Fixed costs are converted into variable costs and expenses flex with volume. This also reduces any finance expenses that might be required to facilitate rising volumes.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by our rates while we meet or exceed all performance standards in the industry. We make sure that our turnaround is as promised and the accuracy is high.

Our special feature is the state-of-the-art workflow management system with the help of which we efficiently route files from the dictation source to the administrator to the transcriber/QA back to the office where it can be faxed to the customer or e-mailed or FTP'd as a Word document.

In addition, we have a strong Systems background with which we can customize a solution to our client's specific requirements.

Our mission is to become the Transcription outsourcing company of choice in the HealthCare industry in the US.

With a view to achieving this goal our efforts are focused on hiring the best talent in this field, providing them with the best facilities that technology can offer to get the most accurate and quickest turnaround at the lowest cost.

At ImmediateOffice transcriptionists would be the core of the company and all our energy would be devoted to enabling them to service our clientele to the best of their abilities.

Our long term objective is to provide as much back-office support to healthcare groups in the New England area in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

As a company we are fully aware of the responsibility that we as Business Associates of Covered Entities have towards complying with HIPAA regulations

The following is a brief tabular summary of the steps that we have taken to comply with these regulatons :

Electronic Data on Computers
Access to personnel : All users access computers on our network with a userid and password. Transcribers and QA staff only have access to voice and document files that they have been assigned to work on.
Audit Trails : There is a detailed audit trail of all personnel downloading from and uploading to our servers.
Electronic Data in Transit
Encryption : All data in transit have 128 bit encryption. This is the industry standard and almost impossible and certainly prohibitively expensive to break.
E-mail attachment : Email attachments are also encrypted before transmission over the internet.
Paper Data
Restrictions : Most of our operations are done electronically. Personnel are allowed to print paper copies only for the purpose of faxing/mailing to our clientele (if requested) or rarely for QA work. All personnel are required to shred paper documents as soon as their purpose is served (except for fax cover-sheets, which contains no PHI detail, for a record of the fax).
Selection : All personnel selected for working with us have had intensive experience in the industry. We also check out their references and former employers to select only the most responsible people.
Contracts : Employment and business contracts with our staff and business associates have strict, enforceable conditions, with severe penalties, of maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the PHI.

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